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Healing from the Heart: Healing Via Counseling

Posted on August 30, 2012 by josh in About VSN

Healing Via Counseling

Often clients come to us wanting to work on behavioral issues, to better family communication, or even sometimes to help facilitate change in their daily outlook. Usually, these issues have a deeper reason for presenting themselves, though, and most often in working with courage, clients come to the realization that their issues are related to some trauma that occurred in their past creating unwanted responses. With empathic and non-insistent counseling, Healing from the Heart counselors work with clients to help ease the strain of those unwanted responses, to help them recognize their trauma, and reprocess the pain in order to work through their victimization. This process can be long and arduous, but most clients if given the time to trust and work through their issues, find themselves with much better coping skills, able to recognize and identify the responses from their victimization, and stop the pattern of violence in order to lead better, more productive lives.