For over a decade, VSN has guided leaders in Denver’s law enforcement, criminal justice and victim services agencies to create a streamlined system for supporting victims and their families. This commitment to professional communication has created access for victims to various resources across disciplines: human service providers, criminal justice system representatives, medical service providers, community agencies, witness protection, victim compensation and the media, among others.

Initially there were five committees that completed the work of the network: the Executive Committee, the Crime Victims Advisory Council, the Networking and Advocacy Committee, the Technology Committee and the Strategic Funding Task Force.

To facilitate collaboration, numerous protocols and guidelines govern how victim service agencies work together with regard to ethical communication, technology, vicarious trauma, and cultural competency. These policies play a pivotal role in communication and are available through this website, or by contacting the VSN Program Coordinator. To find out more about the national model VS2000, please go to the Contact page and we will be in touch about how to implement this model in your local community.