Crime Victims Advisory Council (CVAC)

CVAC is comprised of victims of crime who provide insight and awareness about the prevention of violence through social education and outreach. CVAC includes victims and survivors of various crimes including: domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide, vehicular homicide and genocide. CVAC reviews and responds to innovations in victim services, as well as acts as a speaker’s bureau to spread awareness about the impact of crime on our community. This group commonly receives referrals for members through VSN agencies and has provided speakers to events as wide-ranging as youth correctional facilities classes, to providing testimony at the State Legislature.  Click HERE for more. >>

Networking and Advocacy Committee (NAC)

The NAC committee is comprised of direct service providers and provides a forum for networking and cross-training. The NAC is at the heart of VSN’s commitment to ensuring seamless services to victims and is the group that connects and supports those professionals providing direct services to victims of crime. The group also explores emerging issues in Denver and provides trainings.  Find out more. >>

Quarterly Leadership

These meetings are held quarterly for Executive Directors and Upper Management agency representatives only. It is here where relevant trainings and networking occurs. Collaborative relationships are created, dialogues takes place and management issues are explored.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Victim Services Network (VSN) guides the work of the VSN Victim Services Network to further the mission to connect and support agencies and communities to provide innovative, seamless and integrated services to victims of crime in Denver, Colorado.

The function of the Executive Committee is to coordinate and oversee the  progress of all of the committees and working “affinity” groups of VSN. To be a visible and participating member in meetings, trainings and committees to and represent the voice of VSN members, victim trends and the economic environment.  To engage in meaningful dialogue, educate, mentor and encourage collaboration amongst VSN agencies in the areas of (and not limited to) programming, grant submission, technology sharing, employment opportunities, and succession planning.

In addition, Executive Committee members will actively engage new Executive Directors and/or upper level management representatives to schedule a meeting with a VSN member and the VSN Program Director to facilitate orientation into the Victim Services Network.

VSN Executive Committee documents, click here.>>

Strategic Funding Task Force (On Hiatus)

The Strategic Funding Task Force’s mission is to assess the current state of victim services in Denver, solicit information about the financial health of agencies, and provide recommendations to the Network as to steps members can collectively take to ensure a high level of services for crime victims. This committee provides recommendations as to funding opportunities and strategic steps for collaborative use of resources.  Click here for more. >>

Technology Committee (On Hiatus)

The Technology committee assesses the current uses of technology within the Victim Services Network, researches and identifies new and emerging technologies, and recommends implementation of relevant and connected technologies to improve communication and provision of integrated, seamless direct services.  For all things VSN tech click here. >>