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    Denver Children’s Advocacy Center

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month  

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    Denver Children’s Advocacy is pleased to update you on our 20:20:10 Campaign!

    1.  We have currently raised $10,200 towards our goal of $20,000 through our participation as a Charity Partner in the Colfax Marathon.

    2.  14 new runners have registered to run for DCAC in the Colfax Marathon events the weekend of May 18-19.  Just 6 more to go towards our goal of 20 new runners!

    3.  Check out reasons #3, #4 and #5 and help raise awareness of DCAC through our 10 Reasons to Give.

    Reason #3

    In 2012, DCAC worked with723 children who had been sexually abused and 165 who were traumatized by extreme violence-four children had witnessed homicide or lost parents or other family members to murder.

    Reason #4

    Abuse and neglect creates what scientists call toxic stress that can disrupt developing brain architecture. This can lead to lifelong difficulties in learning, memory and self-regulation. The early years – 0-6 – are most critical for brain development. In 2012, DCAC treated 354 children ages 0-6, helping them to rebuild critical brain architecture.


    Reason #5

    Child victims of abuse, neglect, and violence simply cannot learn. Their brain development has been disrupted and they are not ready for school. These are the problem kids, the disruptive kids, the cruel and angry kids, the unusually quiet children, and sometimes the incredibly compliant and obsessively good students. DCAC works in partnership with schools and teachers to identify traumatized children and provide the intervention they need so they can succeed in school.


    What you can do today

    Register today for the Colfax Marathon. There is a distance for everyone: 5k, 10 miler, Marathon-Relay, Half-Marathon, and Marathon. Click here to register and select DCAC as your charity partner.    

    Thank you to Kiewit for sponsoring DCAC as a Charity Partner in the 2013 Colfax Marathon. 

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