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    Did you make some New Year resolutions? I did.

    Have more fun, make space for opportunity and spend more time with girlfriends.

    A friend of mine had asked if I would like to join her Happiness Project group. Blindly I said “yes” and so I am now reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

    It is an interesting account of one woman’s journey towards happiness. Her struggles and triumphs and ultimately how she changes. Month by month she identifies a variety of concepts related to happiness and what they mean to her and her blog followers.

    I have been on a similar journey but it didn’t include accountability nor did it include friends.

    I know how much being with friends makes a difference in my life but sometimes I just don’t make the time. So this year, I will be part of a happiness project with an old friend and with potential new ones and am making an effort to connect this month to my friends and schedule time.

    Please share your self care plans for this year.

    Remember to Breathe, Laugh and Get Your zzzz.

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