How to Use the Forum

Welcome to the VSN forums! We are proud to present these forums for you to ask and answer questions and to voice your opinion on today’s important crime victim issues. We have put together this list of frequently asked questions you can find HERE. Happy posting and enjoy!

Getting started in the VSN forums is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First step: Log into the forums or register with VSN
You are welcome to browse the forums as a guest, however, in order to start a discussion or reply to a post, you must first be a VSN forums registered member. Membership is absolutely free and only requires a one-time registration in which we will need you to confirm your e-mail address. To register now, click on the “Register” link on the right hand of this page.

If you are already a VSN forum member, log into the VSN forum by simply click on the “Log in” link located on the top right hand corner of the forum page. Enter your registered username and password in the provided fields, and the click on the “Log in” button. Once you see the message display “Welcome, (your user name or handle)”, you’re ready to go!

Second step: Picking a forum associated with your topic
If you are asking for help for a specific problem, the first thing to do is start at the VSN forums page. On this page, chose a specific forum that best suits your question. For instance–if you have a question in regards to a problem with reporting an issue with the Denver Police Department, your best bet would be to post a question in the VSN Shoptalk forum where members and moderators who are in the know on that topic can offer their suggestions to you.

Third step: Search through current topics or submit your own question in the forum
Before posting your question in the forums, remember the saying, “Search is your best friend.” Once you start to browse through the information here in the VSN forums–you may start to notice that many of the same questions are asked and answered time and time again. To prevent such duplications, our recommendation is to first give our forums search a shot, to see if you can find your answers through this method. In the right side bar – you will see a VSN search box. Just simply type in the term(s), and click the search button button and see if any of the search results returned anything that maybe helpful to your question at hand.

If you are unsuccessful at finding the topic of your liking using the forum search, no worries, it’s time to submit a question of your own. Once you’ve entered the forum that best fits your question, simply type the title of your new topic in the “Topic Title” box in the center of the screen. Then detail your question in the box below the title box. For speedier replies to your questions, please be sure to be detailed as possible. For more details on creating a new discussion click here.