It takes a “Warren” Village…

It takes a “Warren” Village…

Posted on January 2, 2013 by josh in About VSN

Warren Village is a unique family community created to help motivated low-income single-parents move from public assistance to personal and economic self-sufficiency through subsidized housing, on-site child care, intensive case management, educational guidance and career development. Learn more about Warren Village HERE.

Here are some of their success stories:


savanFor Savannah and her children, Warren Village was a refuge from an abusive boyfriend.  Looking back Savannah says she should have recognized the signs.  Her boyfriend was controlling; constantly tracking where she was and questioning her if she was even 15 minutes late coming home from work.  Then with his increased drinking the abuse turned physical.  After years of abuse, Savannah with her two girls, Olive and Elvis, left with only $50, no job and no place to live.  The family lived in their car before being accepted at Warren Village.

Savannah talks about how empowering it is to get to know people who are in similar circumstances.  “It was also good for my children to understand there are other single-parent families they aren’t alone.” She also says she till take many of the skills she learned in the life skills classes with her, “The classes were great, I loved going to them – it didn’t feel like a requirement.  The tools you learn in the parenting classes are so helpful. “

Savannah recently moved out of Warren Village.  She is now working two part-time jobs and studying for her degree in cultural anthropology.  Her children are thriving and she credits Warren Village for giving her a new start.   “The people at Warren Village are amazing, both the staff and the residents.  The future is bright.  I want my kids to be successful, happy people and discover what they want in life.  I’ll always have a relationship with Warren Village.  I feel so grateful.”




Twenty-four year-old Janei and her son Jamal came to Warren Village First Step after practically living on the streets.   Janei had been homeless off and on since she was just 15 years old.  Never staying in one place for more than a couple of months,  Janai left home to escape the physical abuse of her mom. a

For Janei the most difficult time came when gave birth to Jamal almost four months early.  At the time, she was sleeping on her friend’s couch and was told by the apartment landlord she could no longer stay there.  It was winter and Janai had no where to live when Jamal was released from the NICU.  It was a frightening time.  Some nights she would leave Jamal with friends while she rode the bus or walked the streets all night.

Janei arrived at Warren Village First Step when Jamal was just one-year old.  She says the most

meaningful part of Warren Village is the staff.  “They have been there step by step.  They are dedicated.  As long as you’re trying to better yourself, they will support you, they have your back.”  The resources and guidance from staff have been invaluable to Janei.  Her son who was severely developmentally and physically delayed is flourishing and Janei has learned how to better manage her finances so when she moves out she can have a more secure future.

Janei is currently working at a doggie daycare facility and trying to find permanent housing  so her son has a stable place to grow up.   “I want to be stable and not have anything to worry about, that’s my goal for right now.  I want to have that one place where I can say this is where my son grew up and he can have childhood friends and not go to 20 different schools like I did.”