TECH NOW! Pre-training Checklist!

TECH NOW! Pre-training Checklist!

Posted on February 6, 2013 by josh in About VSN


Tech Now 3 – Quick Tech Check questionnaire1

Before you attend our exciting TECH NOW! training on Tuesday February 12, 2013, please take a moment to fill out THIS  questionnaire to the best of your ability.  This information will be included  in the round-table discussion and facilitate dialogue between agency members.  You can download the questionnaire HERE.





Quick Tech Check – What’s Your Status?


Internet Service

-          Who provides your current internet service?

-          Is it bundled with other services?

-          What are your download/upload speeds?


-          What kind of internal phone system are you currently using?

-          How do you handle faxing (coming/going)?

-          How do you manage cell phone/text usage for work?

Workflow & Software

-          What do you use to manage email, calendar, and collaboration?

-          What are the critical software applications in use today?

-          Which of these software systems are proprietary or outdated?

File Sharing & Storage

-          How do users store and access files currently?

-          Which, if any, mobile/cloud solutions do you use like Dropbox, G-Drive, or SkyDrive?


-          What types of computers and operating systems are you currently using?

-          What is the age range of the machines in use?

IT Maintenance & Repair

-          Who is the first person contacted by staff to handle an IT issue?

How do you handle regular maintenance and repairs?