VSN Communication Google Group!

VSN Communication Google Group!

Posted on February 7, 2014 by josh in About VSN

If you did not receive an email or want to be part of this group, please use our contact form HERE.

Getting started with Google Groups:
To begin using this group, you must first have a Google Account. This does not mean you must have a Gmail Account. To create a Google Account please follow these handy instructions provided in this video:

Here is a link to a great video on HOW TO USE GOOGLE GROUPS:


When you receive an email from the group(vsncommincation@googlegroups.com) you have two options in your reply.

1. You can reply to the entire group by inserting vsncommunications@googlegroups.com in the “To:” line.
2. You can to reply to the individual sender by clicking “Reply.” Please make sure that vsncommincation@googlegroups.com is not included in the “To:” line.

If you click “Reply All,” everyone in the group will receive the message.